15 August 2008

Philippine All-Stars

Philippine All-Stars
Has anybody here tried to have a good look at the dance group known as the Philippine All Stars? Well, I watched them only yesterday in youtube and they are really good. I mean really good. No wonder they have been getting awards left and right and made every Filipino beaming with pride.

There latest accomplishment came when they bagged the title in the 2008 World Hip-Hop Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada on 03 August 2008.

There were at least 1,000 dancers from 33 countries who joined the quest for gold in Las Vegas. The All Stars, however, ruled the dance floor with their two-minute performance packed with flips and steps in harmony. The dancers went off stage with high hopes of winning after finishing a near perfect dance.

When they received the award, group members said they were glad for the success as they united Filipinos in that moment of glory.

Sheena Vera Cruz, a member of the group, told the international press that, “This is just a moment where everyone could just unite. In our own part, to be an inspiration not just for the people here in the championship, but to all the Filipinos out there.”

Now is that something to give you any goosebumps or what. She also added that, "We want to give them hope that if we have this opportunity, all the Filipinos out there can also have the same opportunity as us.”

The group actually earned an aggregate score of 8.94, 5.35 of which can be attributed to the group's infusion of artistic steps in their choreography.

And to that, competition judge and multi-Gramy awardee MC Hammer said: “The Filipino artists…they continue to evolve in a global basis. They take art and dance seriously. I am very proud of the level that the Philippines over all have developed into.”

Take a look at their winning performance one more time,