12 September 2008

RoadFill and MoyMoy

MoyMoy Palaboy Productions
One year ago, brothers Roadfill and Moymoy made several funny videos lyp-synching to their favorite songs and posted them on YouTube. Calling themselves MoyMoy Palaboy, their choices ranged from the theme song of a latin soap opera, Marimar, to the hip-hop R&B song 'Low' by Flo-rida.

What makes these videos so hilarious is the complete insanity on how the two brothers performed. Their props include fake mustaches, colorful wigs, tight-fitting and low cut shirts, oblivious patron in the background either cooking breakfast or just dancing.

These guys are so funny, insane and amazing which helped them rose up the ranks and become bonafide superstars of the YouTube variety. Some of their recorded videos have at least 1.5 million hits. It is no wonder that they are now part of Bubble Gang, a sketch comedy television show in the Philippines airing at GMA Network.

They now even have their own website and a forum site where fans and bloggers can get official words from MoyMoy Palaboy or their production outfit. It also features news and announcements related to the two brothers and their scheduels.

As a tribute to these dynamic duo, we are featuring our top three MoyMoy Palaboy videos.

WANNABE (Spice Girls)

LOW (Flo Rida ft. T-Pain)

MARIMAR (Thalia)