08 October 2008

No Arms, No Legs, No Problem for Clay Dyer

Clay Dyer
I received an email about 2 hours ago about this remarkable person, Clay Dyer, who was born without arms and legs, but still manage to go through life with a lot of hope.

Clay Dyer was born on 23 May 1978, without any lower limbs, no arm on the left side and a partial arm on the right. However, these limitations did not dampen his determination and positive spirit.

Clay started fishing at age 5 and began tournament fishing at age 15. Highly competitive, Clay has not allowed his physical disabilities to be an obstacle earning the respect of his fellow anglers on the pro circuit. A professional angler since 1995, Clay has fished in more than 200 bass tournaments and placed first in approximately 20 state bass tournaments.

During his free time, Clay is the national spokesperson for C.A.S.T for kids and is a fishing guide for disabled and terminally ill children through the United Special Sportsmen Alliance. Clay spends part of his time sharing his life experiences through motivational and leadership presentations to various companies, charities and churches.

Clay’s television appearances include ESPN, Fox, CNN Headline News, the Outdoor Life Network, The Outdoor Channel, Fox Sports South, Charter Sports South, and CBS. Published articles about Clay have appeared in USA Today, Newsweek, BassMaster, FLW Outdoors Magazine, Sports Spectrum Magazine, and the Baptist Standard.

In these times of economic uncertainty and rising criminal activities borne out of frustrations from everyday hardships, Clay's story is a reminder to everyone that some of our problems are really small compared to others. That there are people out there in the streets who are in far worse situation than us, but they do not whine about it or resort to violence to get what they want. They just took it one day at a time while maintaining a positive outlook in life.

Here is the 10-minute video of Clay's amazing life that was posted at youtube.