17 November 2008

William Atilano: The Baby Saver

Photo courtesy of gloamling
Whenever you read the major dailies these days, stories seems to indicate that mothers are getting daring in terms of getting rid of unwanted babies. Sometimes heartless abortionist are the ones task to do this horrendous deed, but most often, it is still the mothers who go out of their way to do what many abhor doing - getting rid of unborn children or throwing away newborn babies.

Fortunately, not all bad deeds are successful and there are still a few good samaritans who follow their conscience.

A newborn baby was recovered from a toilet pit at Cabatangan village in Zamboanga City.

A report reaching Camp Crame said William Atilano found the baby girl around 8:00 P.M. Thursday floating in human waste. The newborn was rushed to a government hospital moments after she was pulled out of a toilet pit.

The police said the mother, who is still unidentified, had thrown away the baby after giving birth to it since its umbilical cord is still intact.

Atilano's midwife neighbor Teodora Mediante cut the umbilical cord of the child before she was brought to the hospital.

Atilano told the police and Cabatangan village chief Edwina Francisco that he heard the baby crying while he was inside the toilet.

The police and village officials of Cabatangan are conducting an investigation to identify the baby’s mother. It is doubtful though that they can find her gi8ven the authorities lack of resources to do follow up or track down possible suspects.

In the meantime, the government needs to encourage more Filipino to be sensitive and aware like William Atilano. No children deserve to suffer. All children has the right to live. William Atilano made sure of that.