26 December 2008

Miracle Babies

Photo courtesy of nikola.janev
Christmas is indeed a time for children, including the two infants who, under ordinary circumstances, would have already died after undergoing a very harrowing experience. The first baby survived an attempt from a heartless mother who threw her from a speeding taxi, while the second infant remained unscathed inside the womb of her mother who had to jumped off a moving jeepney to escape the robbers.

Last 19 December 2008, it was reported by Journal Online that a cardboard box allegedly flew out of the taxi window and landed on the ground with a disturbing thud. Like ants to sugar, scavengers hurriedly crawled towards the unwanted container, hoping that it contained moldy, half-rotten food scraps. Unfortunately for them, inside was a baby whom apparently nobody wanted.

A radio further reported that kibitzers jotted down the taxi’s license plate as TVH-255, which allowed he authorities to trace it and arrest Ivan Nuniega.

Nuniega said that two female passengers carrying the baby flagged down his taxi in Pasig City. Nuniega said one of the passengers asked him to make a stop-over in front of a house in San Rafael street in Plainview Village, Mandaluyong where they dropped of the baby.

Even after revealing what transpired inside the cab, Nuniega should not be spared since he was negligent in reporting the crime to the authorities. If his taxi number was not listed and traced, there is no reason to believe that he will be reporting the incident. He should be charged as an accessory to the crime.

The baby has to undergo more laboratory tests at the Mandaluyong Medical Center to check for infections, but resident physician Juliet Congha already assured the public that the baby is in good condition.

The baby is currently spending time in the house of Mayor Benjamin Abalos Jr. following her discharge from the hospital last 22 December.

It can be recalled that last July 2008, a new-born infant was recovered alive after she was allegedly thrown out of the speeding taxi by her 15-year old mother. A police report said that the mother was aboard a taxi being driven by Epifanio De Viray when she suddenly threw her daughter out of the car at the corner of P. Gil and Onyx Streets, Paco, Manila at around 4 p.m. Police filed frustrated infanticide charges against the mother.

On 23 December 2008, Jean Rose Polemar, 26-years old and 8-month pregnant, ended up in the hospital after she jumped from a moving passenger jeepney in Torsillo Street, Caloocan City to escape from robbers. She was rushed to the Mary Johnston Hospital where she was treated for bruises on her arms and legs.

Luckily, she did not lose her baby and the doctors allowed her to go home immediately after treatment.

The incident, meanwhile, attracted the attention of other people in the area. As a result, the robbers also jumped off the jeepney and escaped without taking any of the passengers’ money or valuables.

A follow-up operation by the authorities led to the arrest of suspect, Cedrik Perez, 24, of 1700 Canal Dela Reina Pritil Tondo.

The two cases just showed that despite all the odds of surviving, the innocent infants and unborn children are still the most favored this Christmas.