25 March 2009

SIRB Express Application System

SIRB Express Application System
As part of its 10-point program the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) partnered with Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. to make the application and processing of the Seafarer’s identification and Record Book (SIRB) easier and more convenient.

Teleserv developed the SIRB Express Application System (SEAS) in collaboration with MARINA developed more convenient option for seafarers who need to apply for a SIRB without having to go to the MARINA SIRB Processing Center. The service covers both SIRB application and renewal.

Starting 16 March 2009 seafarers have the option to call the SEAS Hotline at 737-7-737 or log onto the SEAS Online Application Website at www.sirb.com.ph to start the application process. The SEAS service will initially be available in Metro Manila only.

SEAS services also include an onsite delivery option for those seamen who opt to come to the MARINA office. The SIRB Drop Box System are for those who are present inside the Marina office but do not want to wait in line. They can endorse their application to MARINA and wait for their new SIRB to be delivered to them. On the other hand, the SIRB Express Delivery are for seamen processed their SIRB onsite but choose not to wait for its release. They also can have their new SIRB delivered to their homes.

Filipino seafarers can get their SIRB with utmost convenience. They don't need to travel or wait in line. SEAS will pick up their documents, process their application, and deliver the new SIRB. This means seafarers can now enjoy more time with their family.

How does it work?
  1. Call (02) 737-7-737 or click Apply Now!

  2. Prepare the requirements needed

  3. Couriers will pick-up the requirements from the address

  4. SEAS will process the SIRB

  5. Courier will deliver the new SIRB to the address specified