22 May 2009

Exploiting the Exploited

Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili
Never has the country seen this much interest in the so-called "sex industry" since Tetchie Agbayani shocked the public when she posed nude in the German edition of Playboy magazine in 1982. The sex videos of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hayden Kho and actress-model Katrina Halili have been widely searched on the Google and Yahoo along with the nude photos and sultry scenes of Dr. Kho and two other women, reportedly top commercial models.

Even porn film vendors in Quiapo have started to cash in on the growing demand for the "Hayden Cam" video. The name was coined after it was alleged that it was the good doctor who installed the hidden camera in the room. Some vendors were brazen enough to feature the images of Dr. Kho and Halili on the cover just to lure people to buy their products.

Days ago, lawmakers, feminists, and even Dr. Kho's colleagues in the medical profession expressed their disgust on what they saw. They all want the cosmetic surgeon censured for his alleged immoral acts, which they claim were also a violation of the rights of women who reportedly did not know that they were being filmed.

The person behind the spread of the hot video clips is still unknown, although major dailies suspect a person named Eric Chua can shed further light on this, and Dr. Kho did not grant any media interviews to air his side. However, this did not deter the actor-turned-lawmaker Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. from lambasting the doctor in his privilege speech last 19 May 2008.

"Sa video mismo, makikita ang masamang intensiyon nito na patagong isinet-up ang kamera at ipinuwesto ang babae para siguradong makukunan. Ginoong Pangulo, ang tinutukoy ko po ay si Dr. Hayden Kho, who is pervert of the highest kind, a predator who has no conscience nor respect for women," Revilla said.

[The bad intention of stealthily setting up the camera and placing the woman near it can be seen through the video footage. Mr. President, I am referring to Dr. Hayden Kho, who is pervert of the highest kind, a predator who has no conscience nor respect for women.]

Katrina HaliliNot to belittle the abuses of Dr. Kho, but some people can't seem to shake this feeling of double standard being displayed by Senator Revilla. If the offended party is as famous as Halili who also belongs to the same TV network as Senator Revilla, hell will freeze over those who offend her and her "rights" will be defended by every media-mileage-hungry politician in Congress. However, if the victim is a start-up actress by the name of Maricar Reyes, who happens to belong to the stables of a TV station more critical to the present administration, then they will not get a second look even if their controversial video with Dr. Kho was circulated to the public much earlier.

If hypocrisy is sometimes observed in the policy of the Philippine military, then it evolved into a norm in Congress. Senator Revilla describes Dr. Kho as a predator of women with no conscience, but he failed to check at his own backyard first. Wasn't he also involved in several sexual encounters with women in the film industry? Were the rumors about his alleged affair with Gretchen Barreto, Ruffa Mae Quinto and even beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez remained as such or was he able to disprove those claims? How about his father, former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr? Shouldn't he brand him as a pervert also of the highest kind for having sired 80 children from different mothers?

Taking on the pronouncements of Senator Revilla, it seems that he will condone having an extra marital affair as long as the public doesn't have a video copy on those private scenes. It may even be palatable to Senator Revilla for a man to sire children from different women as long as he supports them with taxpayers money without being caught. He did not realize that there might be a widespread abuse of women in the country, including those in the film industry, because the lawmakers themselves are the role models of sex-deprive nutters roaming the street.

It doesn't mean that Dr. Kho is any better than Senator Revilla. In fact, the former is more shallow, vacuous, untried, inexperienced, self-serving, untrustworthy, snide, supercilious, incompetent and basically useless to society without the feather-bedded existence he enjoys within the confines of Dr. Vicki Bello's clinic. He is a typical boy-toy running after rich women and an expensive waste of space.

Why in this so-called democracy in the Philippines, many are still in awe at Dr. Kho and Senator Revilla and are ready to hoist these non-entities to the podium, defy logic.