08 May 2009

Political Infomercials Dampen The Win

It was expected, but it does not mean it is acceptable. The delayed telecast of Manny Pacquiao's Las Vegas fight against Ricky Hatton to accommodate innumerable ads, including those of politicians, is both disgraceful and distasteful. Instead of setting the rates that will allow only a few advertisers picking up the entire tab, GMA network and Solar Sports allowed politicians to cash in on the popularity of Pacquiao to prepare their self-serving candidacy in 2010.

Militant party-list representatives criticized the disaster-preparedness television ad by Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro which was shown during the telecast of the boxing match.

Aside from Teodoro, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) chairman Augusto Syjuco, Finance Secretary Margarito Teves and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation chairman Ephraim Genuino also came out with infomercials about the work they did and that of their respective agencies.

Pacquiao's millions of fans deserve better than watching and listening to these government officials bake their own cake in front of the public and eating them as well. They literally swamped the fight with infomercials launching their nicknames for easy recall as well as their so-called 'modest' childhood backgrounds who want nothing better than to serve the country when they are elected in power. Yeah right.

Pacquiao's mother, Nanay Dionisia, is much more entertaining even with her thick make-up, sense of fashion and religious rantings than any of these politicians combined. What is admirable about her is that she does not hide her fancy for good things in life after struggling from a humble beginning.

On the other hand, everyone who knows how these politicians carry themselves are aware that all they saw during the break in the Pacquiao-Hatton fight are all palpable nonsense, typical of any serial failure do-gooder. These politicians belong to a single party that no one in sane mind takes seriously. And to suggest that they are not using public fund to produce an ad that includes the agency where they belong to is laughable when one consider the expenses they once incurred producing worthless vocational training materials and disaster information leaflets.

What is worse is that this is only the beginning. Just wait until Pacquiao arrives in the country and makes several public appearances. However, more to the point, if the public think that the politicians are making a complete balls-up tailing Team Pacquiao all over the country, why don’t they all stop playing music with these people and instead fix the political situation during election?

Can anybody think of just one good reason that will make this country miss these politicians when they lay six-feet under the ground? Can they really prove beyond doubt that they are NOT windbag freeloaders who inherited their fortunes and DO NOT want to enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayer’s money? Doubtful, considering that in their long career as both private and public figures, they have not actually achieved anything substantial gains for these same taxpayers.

Should they be audited even if they allegedly used private funds? Most definitely yes. Moreso, if those funds came from suppliers who might gain more from rigged contracts when their respective candidate gets the required number of votes to get inside the hotbed of perversion and corruption. Only through transparent and publicly accessible accounting can the public's perception about the juvenile fantasies of these politicians change. Everyone already had enough of these countless out-of-touch dinner party guestings and metaphorical mutual self-admiration activities as they all congratulate each other on their inclusiveness and concern for the oppressed, while they bank on their undeserved fat salaries.