17 July 2009

Amnesty Anyone?

ASG Beheadings
Just recently, officials from MalacaƱang stated that they are willing to grant amnesty to the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf bandits. Deputy presidential spokesman for economic affairs Gary Olivar said that they have backtracked from that statement after receiving some flak, but this does not mean that the public will absolve them for making irresponsible and insensitive remarks in the first place.

It was Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita who first dangled the possibility when he said the government is open to Senator Richard Gordon's proposal to grant amnesty to the bandits as part of the plan to achieve long-lasting peace in the troubled southern Philippines region. What an absolute nonsense! What he is really saying is that if the government does not grant the amnesty, they are going to react violently, engage in more kidnapping, undermine current negotiations with other lawless idiotic groups in the region engage in terroristic and barbaric acts, which could lead to further decrease in President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's popularity.

The only one thing the so-called 'experts' with political agenda can come up with is to appease these hotheads by effectively giving in to their demands. With decades of experience, Secretary Ermita and Senator Gordon must know by now that any concessions, however small, will lead inevitably to further more extreme demands until stonings to death will take place in the this country. Can they explain their recommendation to the families of the victims, like those in the picture above, who were beheaded by this insane group just for being Christians?

Perhaps both gentlemen might want to observe what is happening in other Muslim countries. Nobody there is rushing to accommodate the demands of right-wing Christian extremist. So why in this world should the Philippine government bend over backwards to appease a brutal, medieval, doctrinal, murderous set of demands from a lawless group who terrorizes both Christians and Muslims in Mindanao.

These two craven apologists need to be told that the policy to crush and eliminate al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf bandits from the faced of this earth is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Once and for all, Ermita and Gordon must forget Muslim votes or any vote for that matter in Mindanao and other parts of the country. They should just focus on nipping in the bud this growing urge to appease any demands from criminal groups.

If the Philippine military find it hard to crush these mindless bandits because they are poorly-equipped, then why not admit that in public so that everyone would find a good reason to strip the fat lawmakers with their pork barrel funds and used it instead to purchase the logistics needed. If ever MalacaƱang can do these, they may get the ire of Congress, but at least they can secure another mandate in 2010.