07 July 2009

Bloody Sunday at Cotabato City

Photo courtesy of AFP
Sunday was supposed to be a day that families spent together and enjoy the beauty of life. But last Sunday (5 July) turned out to be a Bloody Sunday for churchgoers after an idiot who does not deserve a liter of air detonated a bomb packed with nails and jagged iron across the cathedral in Cotabato City.

The blast killed six people, including 11-year-old Prince Allen Diaz, who was felled by shrapnel right where he stood and Jeofrey Sayre, 15-months old, who expired late Monday (6 July 2009) afternoon after metal fragments from the improvised explosive device perforated his lungs. Among those injured and are still fighting for their lives at the Cotabato Regional Medical Center (CRMC) are Jeffrey's siblings Janissa, 11, and John Ray, 9.

Jeofrey, Janissa and John Ray are being treated by their carpenter father, Anacleto Sayre, 32, in an eatery that day together with their mother.

To whoever did this, are you happy now?

Now this blog usually has no time for Neanderthal terrorist who can't fight their own battles without endangering children, but it is very obvious that whoever did this does not look intelligent enough to organize or carry out a more complicated attack. Just because the bomb exploded it does not mean the criminals got their message across. In fact, nobody knows what the motive was to begin with to even start sympathizing with their cause.

As expected the Moro militants are suspected to have detonated the bomb, which they, of course, readily denied so as not to get any negative publicity. But it is nevertheless gratifying to know that the authorities, for once, have devoted time and resources to solve the case to reassure both Christian and Muslim communities about such theoretical threats. Police in Cotabato City usually can be seen only when they are dishing out fines for minor and petty crimes, but not they are on their toes and running fast to get to the bottom on who should be held accountable. Hopefully, they are not running like headless chicken.

Now, all this suspicion begs the question – why is the government having a hard time squashing these useless terrorist groups in Mindanao? How can they ever let this happen again and again and again? Are there no sufficient intelligence information that can be relied upon to prevent another attack against civilians instead of the usual crazy and perverse desire to spend for election infomercials and self-serving advocacy materials?

The Moro Islamic Liberation front (MILF) still exists. The New People's Army (NPA) are still holding fort. There are still various nutcase 'clerics' running the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) who continue to sprout hatred at all forms of decent life. They have been here for decades now and the government still keeps on collecting enormous amounts of money from the taxpayer for supposedly eradicating all of them. When can the country see an end to these criminal groups, including the lunacy that they proudly believed as an ideal society? Definitely not before 2010.