28 July 2009

Tara Passes Away

Photo courtesy of _gem_
Antonia Marina "Tara" Santelices, the jeepney robbery victim who was shot in the head almost a year ago and was featured in this blog awhile back, passed away on 27 July 2009.

The report of Tara's passing was announced by GMA News' Arnold Clavio after he received a text message from her mother, Anne. Tara reportedly succumbed to cardiac arrest after she was brought to the Medical City in Pasig City last 25 July because of an infection.

For those who are not familiar with Tara's plight, she captured the nation's sympathy and anger when she was shot on her 23rd birthday last 6 August 2008 while she was on board a jeepney passing through Imelda Avenue in Cainta, Rizal.

After being in comatose for five months, she was taken out of the intensive care unit as doctors said she no longer needed a respirator to breathe. She was subsequently brought home while private nurses attended to her.

Last February, Santelices’ family and friends sought financial help to pay for hospital bills that reportedly reached PhP 1.8 million.

Despite the public outrage, it was obvious that the crime against Tara was not given enough attention by government officials. If she were a daughter of a prominent politician who does nothing but fatten their pockets with grease funds or of a government drug agent being used by the administration to fulfill their dream of a nationwide declaration of martial law or of a government corporation executive who represents the scrounger, wastrel and dopehead in this country, then her case would have prospered faster.

This kind of crime against women and children is very rampant nowadays and the people charged to resolve these cases seem contented to while their time away from where the action is. This practice is not acceptable to any decent taxpayer and must be stopped. There is nothing funny about premeditated mutilation, murder and rape of the innocents. Even parental negligence should be taken into account and meted a harsh punishment regardless of excuses about poverty and unemployment.

It is high time that the authorities and the liberal-elite appeasers of human rights to put a stop to this inhumane, barbaric, ignorant medieval murderous nonsense dressed up as a 'crime of the poor' by punishing the guilty perpetrators in the most inhumane, barbaric and medieval manner for everyone to see.