21 August 2009

Pork Barrel increase

Do you know that each Philippine lawmaker at the Lower House received PhP 30 million from the taxpayers for three years (2007-2009)? This writer is not aware of that until House Bill 1232 was filed seeking an upgrade of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), citing high costs of commodities, particularly construction materials.

When greediness and vested interest rains in this country, it really pours at the Philippine Congress. Do they have any idea that public funds are better served by spending it on efforts that goes after their corrupt relatives who try endlessly to sway public bidding for infrastructure projects in their favor. It just makes no sense at all why money should be allocated to fund the greedy, arrogant, insensitive, out-of-touch, patronizing economic nonsense which insults the intelligence of those out of work who ironically are more employable than they are.

Despite being criticized over the two extravagant dinners in the United States, a MalacaƱang ally in the Lower House still had the gall to push for an increase in lawmakers’ pork barrel funds.

This proposal is on top of two other irrelevant and self-serving measures that were filed recently. Joint Resolution 24 seeks to increase the salaries of senators and members of the House of Representatives from PhP 48,915 to PhP 91,000 a month, while Senate Bill 3123 seeks to increase the number of legislative districts in the country from 250 to 350 to accommodate the lawmakers' equally incompetent and greedy family members who envy the easy life of a legislator.

Rep. Jose Solis of Sorsogon province tried to explain as vaguely as he can in a media interview why he authored House Bill 1232,
"The irregular, anemic and sometimes regressive annual adjustments in the aforesaid congressional funds, which have not taken into account the continuous rise in the prices of labor and construction materials, have correspondingly failed to stem the tide of widespread poverty and check the advance of disillusionment of the people."
How about we all try to "stem the tide of widespread poverty and check the advance of disillusionment of the people" by scrapping the pork barrel allocation and use the funds to feed the hungry and improve the investment climate. Or maybe we can use the funds to increase the wages of public school teachers, soldiers and policemen, which have not really changed considerably considering the risk that they face.

However, despite these myriad of self-serving and hallucinatory bullshit emanating from incompetent mouths, Filipinos are still a little lucky. Can you imagine how much more would these nutcases have asked for if anyone has any idea of the significance of their jobs or cared about what they are working on? It is high time that this publicly funded Congressional gravy train is derailed permanently.