14 August 2009

They Could Have Tried Harder

Jherome Ramores is Missing
A woman was arrested last week after she allegedly kidnapped and sold her neighbor’s four-year-old son in Bagombong, Caloocan City. Teresa Garon, 39, is currently detained at the Caloocan City police headquarters and faces child trafficking charges filed before city assistant prosecutor Darwin Canete.

The victim, Jherome Ramores, remains missing since 16 July 2009. According to his mother, Jacquelyn, 25, they were having a birthday party on that date when they noticed Jherome was missing at around 4:00 P.M. Why they did not watch over the children at that time was not clear, except that neighbors reportedly seen Garon walking away with the victim from their house.

At around midnight on 2 August, Garon reappeared in their neighborhood without Jherome and admitted giving him to a doctor for a measly PhP 6,000. Why it took the authorities this long to arrest Garon is anybody's guess, but the 'term sleeping on the job' might be more appropriate.

Police were led to the doctor’s house in Valenzuela City, but they failed to find the boy. However, instead of detaining the good doctor along with Garon, the fiscal released the culprit because they allegedly don't have a strong case against him. It is not sure how the fiscal's office labeled the testimony of Garon, but if it is not enough evidence, then they must have come from another planet.

Firstly, it took the authorities two weeks to track down and arrest the primary suspect. Then, after the suspects were collared and identified by witnesses, one of the suspects was released by bleeding-heart fiscal lawyers and nauseating parasitical authorities. They basically ignored the role of the doctor in carrying out the crime, buy they seized the chance to identify publicly and prosecute Garon.

It is a legitimate question to ask what kind of evidence, aside from being named by Garon, is required by prosecutor Canete to publicly identify the doctor and incarcerate him until the child has been recovered. Is it not possible that with the doctor freely out in public, he can try to tie some loose ends that will absolve him from the crime?

Maybe it is time that the lawmakers earn their fat paycheck and end the expensive pantomime of judicial process by amending the law and make crimes against children non-bailable and automatic forfeiture of all physical assets. It will save the public a fortune in prison costs and social benefits. Besides, who else would want a parasitical sod like Garon and the doctor who idolizes Romy Jalosjos to stay in their community anyway.