03 September 2009

Impeccable Incompetence

Toyota Vios Accident
Last 14 August 2009 at around 9:00 P.M., Jerome Lopez, 8-years old, was on his way home when he was hit by a car on Santolan Road, Quezon City, Philippines.

The father of the victim, Joel of 5150 San Gregorio St., Bgy. Gen. T. de Leon, Valenzuela City reported that witnesses identified the car as a Toyota Vios with plate number ZND-175 (like the car pictured above). Now, in a bizarre and cowardly decision, the driver of the car sped off without bothering to check what really happened.

Ten days later, the entire stable of incompetent police force have yet to arrest any suspect or charge anybody for the accident that left the victim confined to the hospital with severe head and body injuries. Doctors at the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center reported that the boy needs to undergo a thorough examination to determine the scope of his head injuries.

The families of the victim are poor and do not have enough funds to pay the increasing medical bills and all they wanted right now is for the suspect to help them shoulder it. They are even considering dropping all the charges as long as the suspect owes up to the crime.

The question is, does it really take this long to for the authorities to identify and arrest the suspect? Ten days and no development whatsoever! It was even the father of the victim, with some help from friends, who had to go to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) just to find out that the vehicle was registered to a certain 'Eden Tanotal' of 143 William Shaw St., Caloocan City. Why are the authorities and police not doing their job and arrest the owner now? Is this another classic and brazen example of a poor victim getting shabby treatment from authorities in this country?

The inexcusable attitude of the authorities in dealing with this case says everything about the continuing unprofessional attitude of police officers who gives more crap about the petty interest of the political elites and moneyed individuals instead of upholding the law. They provide strict security measures and efficient service to several greedy and arrogant lawmakers who can afford to shoulder a US$ 20,000 meal instead of serving those who do not have anything of value.

The next thing the public would hear is that, "The incident is being investigated and we would like anyone with information about those responsible to contact the Police." Well, one advise for the families of the victim is not to hold their breath on this one.

And once the culprit is caught and publicize, the next statement everyone will hear are the words, "I did not stop because I fear that the bystanders will beat me up" or "I did not know I hit a person. If I did, I would have stopped immediately". These are some of the usual excuses of oxygen-wasting drivers who should be jailed for 25 years, with no chance of being paroled even if they join some charismatic group inside the prison.

As a rather conservative country, Filipinos should not be compassionate to any of these reckless drivers plying the busy streets just waiting for another innocent child to hit and kill. These cretins have given up their right to receive compassion when they exercise no compassion on their victims. Even if they have only three months to live, they should still live behind bars and suffer the consequences of their despicable behavior.

It is interesting to find out if some government officials or police officers received anything from anybody for looking the other way and dragging their feet before they give Jerome Lopez the help he needs and the justice he deserves.