10 September 2009

More Brainless Answers

Unang Hirit Interview with Mikey
After he appeared 'stupid' in an interview with Winnie Monsod and Arnold Clavio in GMA’s morning program Unang Hirit a couple of days ago (see picture above), Presidential son and Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel "Mikey" Arroyo admitted he was 'confused' at that time. He is blaming himself for his seemingly vague answers that earned him a lot of flak when it spread on the Internet.

"If my answers to those questions seem a little confused, ako lang po ang dapat sisihin (I am the only one to blame). It’s my mistake alone," Mikey said in an interview over radio dzRH. Everyone should give him credit for this because at least he knows that he is definitely to be blamed. The question is, will the Office of the Ombudsman investigate him? Everyone who are familiar with the extensive influence of the President and her family doubts it.

The eldest son of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo found himself in the center of controversy after Vera Files reported that he did not declare in his SALNs a property he acquired in the United States after he became a congressman.

The Vera Files report said Mikey failed to declare in his 2007 and 2008 SALNs a US$ 1.32 million or PhP 63.7 million beachfront property in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, which he bought and then transferred to his wife Angela in 2006.

From VERA FilesNow, everyone in this country, including those living in a squatters area, has known that the interview will tackle Mikey alleged 'hidden wealth' and they also know that Winnie Monsod is capable of throwing relevant questions and will dig into the details of each answer. So, why did the former action star of a low-budgeted flopped movie still decided to go there without preparing a convincing answer to all possible issues?

It is not surprising for the Presidential son to spout off about 'lessons being learned' or 'corrective measures are being instigated' maybe even 'asset and liability issues being addressed' and all the other usual meaningless platitudes that the public will get from incompetent public officials. They do this with increasing and monotonous regularity lately. However, it is high time the pathetic excuses and buck-passing stopped. These silly sods, these so-called 'lawmakers', who enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayer's money, whether inspired by laziness, incompetence, naivety, stupidity, or a combination of some or all of these things are as brainless as the laws they have passed. They should be banned from holding a public office and prosecuted.

How many more out-of-touch lawmakers and unprofessional cretins will the voters elect before they say 'enough is enough'?