17 September 2009

Uniformed Lunatics and Thugs

Pulis Signpost
Acting Manila Mayor Isko Moreno reprimanded on 14 September 2009 two Manila policemen for dragging a 13-year-old boy from an Internet shop and taking his money and cell phone, presumably for violating the city’s curfew. The boy was also allegedly threatened when the cops who arrested him asked if he could run fast and was not allowed to call his mom as they passed his house.

Fortunately, the boy lived to tell his tale and identified the abusive tormentor cops as SPO2 Allan Dematera and PO1 Juanito Arabejo Jr. Both officers belong to the Alvarez Community Precinct under Col. Ernesto Tendero.

According to Guiagui and Arabejo, they pulled out the victim and several others out of a computer shop in accordance to a city that intends to keep youngsters off the streets from 10:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. In other words, the youth were not in the street at the time they were apprehended, but were dragged to the streets. What a surprise. And these are the same police force that sleeps on their jobs, regularly fail to apprehend trash throwers near their precinct, while at the same time, in the interests of cowardly 'normalization' or craven surrender to criminal elements for financial gain, concoct trump-up charges to collect ransom payments.

Now this may be cynical, but haven’t the police got better things to do – like maybe catching muggers, thieves, rapists, terrorists and murderers? And slice it any way they like, but once these two pathetic excuse of law enforcers barged into a private business establishment, uninvited, without warrant and no substantial reason to be there, they are clearly trespassing.

It was also learned during the exchange that the boy was harmed as he was hit in the nape and pulled by the arm and threatened. He also maintained that his cellphone and money were taken by a civilian who was in the company of the arresting policemen.

While the boy was recounting what happened, cops and media personnel present in the meeting were surprised when Arabejo suddenly stood up and arrogantly maintained his position on the issue at hand: "Basta po yung sa amin trabaho lang. Tignan n’yo wala akong service firearm pero ginawa ko ’yung tungkulin ko. May mga magulang din ako at mga kapatid na nagmamahal sa akin pero di ko iniisip ’yun."

Arabejo, an on-the-job trainee for less than two months, has quite a thick cheek. He is accusing everyone in that meeting for conspiring against him despite the evidence pointing to the unsavory pantomime he orchestrated at the internet shop. And what a shame that this unelected hypocrite, doubtless being groomed to take over a precinct once he can collect enough money to pay his way to the top, cannot manage his regular impersonation of an idealistic and heroic cop. It is obvious that he didn’t have the same respect for the majesty of the law and due legal process when he bullied his way into the shop.

The acting mayor stressed that the manner with which the curfew ordinance is implemented must not violate the rights of anyone, especially of the minors which it is meant to protect in the first place, adding that it is never meant for the law enforcers to barge into Internet shops and round up minors just like that.

Again, Arabejo taunted, "Uuwi rin naman ang mga ’yan." Yikes! Where did this answer come from? Someone needs to tell this arrogant idiot, who seems to have forgotten he’s supposed to be a public servant, that there is a big difference between the term 'on the streets' and 'inside a shop'.

Fortunately, this was effectively tempered by Moreno's retort: "Eh paano kung 5:00 A.M. pa umuwi ’yung bata?"

There is definitely no doubt that there is a need to review the existing psychiatric procedure of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in order to screen and weed out neurotic and brain-defective thugs like Arabejo. The disgraceful mess he and Dematera created was an affront to decency and parody of democracy. In just one night, they managed to assure the public that unlawful assault, illegal detentions and a free license to beat somebody up, especially minors, are still practiced by some police bully boys.

It is high time that authorities stopped issuing useless guidelines for the future and statements claiming they have 'learned their lessons' and instead start criminal proceedings against a number of known uniformed hypocritical servants of doom.