06 November 2009

Absolute Pardon for a Child Rapist?

Romeo Jalosjos
Do you remember the former lawmaker in the Philippines who was convicted of child rape by the Makati Regional Trial Court in December 1997 and sentenced to two life terms? Well, his name is Romeo Jalosjos and he is now back in the limelight a few months after he walk free for good following the commutation of his sentence to 16 years courtesy of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Encouraged by his twin election wins in 1998 and 2001 while behind bars, the former representative of Zamboanga del Norte now wants his benefactor to also grant him an absolute pardon to allow him to again run for public office. Her madame excellency is unavailable for comment at this time. But here is mine – why don’t we lock this bloody tosser up again together with those Islamic extremist and throw away the key? Or better still, buy him a one-way ticket to any beach paradise in Basilan and Sulu controlled by Abu Sayyaf bandits, which probably will be happy to share with him their puerile, intolerant and racist nonsense.

A check with the Board of Pardons and Parole (BPP) showed that the child rapist applied for an absolute pardon on 30 September, or two months before the 1 December deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy for the May 2010 national elections. It is deemed that an absolute pardon from the President would restore Jalosjos’ political rights including his right of suffrage (the right to vote and be voted upon), which he lost when the Supreme Court affirmed his conviction.

Miraculously, considering how many wastrels are being politically accommodated by the present elected officials as a result of our political correctness, MalacaƱang had no favorable or unfavorable comment on Jalosjos’ application. Now what are the chances that some cretinous human rights lawyer comes out of the woodwork any time now, bleating that Jalosjos should be given a chance to reform? Nobody will question the integrity of that lawyer as long as he or she also willing to leave his or her 11-year old daughter to this 'reformed' man.

When interviewed last month, Jalosjos said he might run for Congress again if Ms Arroyo would grant him absolute pardon. He said he was sure he would win again should he decide to run because he twice won even while in prison.

"How much more now that I’m out of prison?" he said

Well of course, that is what any arrogant, greedy and self-obsessed failure will say after getting a favorable treatment from MalacaƱang in June 2007. This is not what an ordinary and sane person will feel though. But all this doesn’t arrive at the best solution. It it would be a lot easier if the government just said: You already have your freedom. Don't push your luck for an absolute pardon because it will never be given. Now, sit back, relax and rot while reading Ripley's Believe it or Not.