22 January 2010

Bishop's Racy Site?

Bishop's Racy Site
The alleged 'old' Web log (blog) of a Filipino Catholic Archbishop is now featuring ads seeking 'webcam models' and invitations searching 'adult friends.'

It was reported that it used to contain religious views, but visitors to Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma's old blog site were now greeted with the racy ads, along with links to supposedly 'popular' sites to visit.

At the top and bottom parts of the blog site were 'Help wanted' ads for a 'Live Webcam Model,' with an offer of 'hundreds of dollars a day.'

As if this was not enough, the ad featured an image of a woman in a suggestive pose. On the left side was an ad for AdultFriendFinder, which described itself as the "world's largest adult social network and sex personals."

There were no statements yet from any of members of Bishop Ledesma's staff. But if ever they will claim that the old site was hacked or was infected by a virus, they should also be ready to explain why the account for the 'old' blog site was not immediately terminated. Are they really naive enough to think that by not posting anything on a blog it will just automatically terminate itself?

How selfish and arrogant of these blog operators if not downright irresponsible. Don't they realize that by not terminating a site designed for their followers and devotees that they are likely to covey a wrong message on what they really intend to do with their lives? Unless, of course, they were really trying to promote the racy ads in the first place.

Now, how can the good Bishop claim that they are morally upright in protesting against the good intentions of the Reproductive Health Bill pending in Congress when their own 'old' site is displaying religious fervor for people looking for sex. But then again, raving bigots always seems to move in mysterious – and conveniently hypocritically blinkered - ways.