16 January 2010

Fatal School Fight

San Sebastian College of Law
Officials of San Sebastian College in C.M. Recto, Manila has implemented more stringent security measures following the death of a male student during a fight with another student in the school campus on 18 December 2009.

Murder charges were also filed on 21 December 2009 against Romeo Ephraim Lim, 20, a third-year hotel and restaurant management student, for the death of Cromwel Duka Jr., a second-year student taking up business management. Duka expired at the Mary Chiles Hospital due to four stab wounds in the body.

Investigation conducted by SPO2 Richard Lumbad showed that at around 11:30 A.M. Duka and Lim figured in a fist cuff at the school canteen. When the two were separated by other students, Duka collapsed with stab wounds in the body. Lim was nabbed by a school guard while reportedly fleeing from the canteen. All these were recorded by the school’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera except the actual stabbing.

As expected, Lim denied he was the one who stabbed the victim, as the video showed another male student joining the fray.

However, regardless of who between the two stabbed the victim, the question is why did somebody able to sneak a bladed weapon into the campus.

We have enough of all these irrelevant posturing and reactive actions by self-centered school officials and police authorities. Just prosecute the two suspects since both have liability in the commitment of the crime and let the heads of those responsible for the lack of security roll. Better yet, why not suspend indefinitely the ones in-charge of the school's impotent measures, including those politicking prima donnas, and let the students decide what the appropriate punishment should be.

But judging by the state of conversational ineptitude and the poor reading and writing skills of of country's so-called educators, it might be better to just let the Abu Sayyaf run the schools themselves.