10 January 2010

Hacking of Gov't. Sites

DOLE Restored
As the National Election draws near, hacking and defacing of government websites seems to be more frequent, with the Department of Labor and Employment's (DOLE) Website being the latest to fall victim on 7 January 2010.

Visitors to the DOLE website homepage were greeted with messages in Arabic, while those who visited the 'Secretary’s Corner' found a nasty message saying, "Your country Has been (******) By Mr.Mn7rF .. if you want more security 4 your site call me e9c@live.com."

A message in Arabic was also posted on the Secretary’s Corner in the DOLE website's homepage saying something like this:
"Hiakm Allaah, O quarter, you’re bright site met all of your hearts, <~ The ones who advocated Philippine p in the image and right boy says coffee ... Of course, the hack to the eyes ^ _ * ... <~ Habib my heart and God And God willing, raise Shell and Ndas entire server, WinDrivers Mary Win coffee."

Similarly defaced was the head of the latest DOLE press release, with the text replaced with a message that translated, "Since the site was Philippine, penetration Bacon eyes Chgaltna 06-01-2010."

The hacked page was posted before dawn. The site was restored past 7:00 A.M. If only they can move with the same speed and efficiency in processing those various labor dispute cases and dismantling unfair labor practices, then everyone can look for a brighter employment figures ahead.

DOLE's Website was the latest government site to fall victim to hackers since December.

Before dawn on 4 January 2010, hackers defaced the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) Website.

The NDCC was the first government site to be hacked this year, but the third since December. The defaced page has since been restored.

Last December 30, the site of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Website was defaced, with the offenders claiming to be an Indonesian group.

Visitors to the site were greeted with an image of the Grim Reaper and a message in Indonesian.

Ironically, the message when translated into English called for hope for the New Year.

Also in December, the Department of Health’s website (www.doh.gov.ph) was hacked to show DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III blowing on 'penises.'

These are the ones reported, but nobody is sure if these are the only government sites that were hacked. Even if there were only four, though, nobody will feel any better that the election results will not be tampered this way also. If the government cannot catch the perpetrators anytime soom, Filipino can look forward to more incidents like the ones so far reported.

It really is high time that the authorities stopped this nonsense once and for all if they want everyone to take them seriously.