06 February 2010

E-Mail Scams Targeting Jobseekers

OFW Arriving
It was reported last January by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) that they uncovered an "evolving" email scam targeting prospective overseas Filipino workers heading for Berlin, Germany.

The DFA said the scam appeared to be a variation of the one involving Markel Power International. But a check showed Maleko Power International does not exist in Hamburg, while its address showed a wrong postal code. It also has no phone and fax numbers, and its website was purely in English.

Philippine Ambassador to Germany Delia Albert advised Filipinos to be "very cautious" of recruitment emails that claim to involve "Power International companies."

Once again, a suspected fraudulent entity is trying to victimized hard-pressed Filipinos into working in their disgraceful company. The only way, and very simple at that, to protect oneself from these persistent lying recruiters and loose-cannon cretins is to check the background through websites and NOT to pay a single centavo to complete the process.

Markel reportedly advised job-seekers that for their recruitment to be completed, they have to pay €70 through Western Union to an employment company based in Monza, Italy. Coming from the pockets of unemployed Filipino worker, this is a pretty good sum of money. And if this company is really legitimate, why don't they pay the recruits first and recoup their investment later.

Perhaps its is better for those seeking employment abroad to just go to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) or the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) and get their information from there. This is not really hard to do, unless their local branches are being represented by incompetent and Teutonic bigotted hypocrites with selective memory and who favors monetary benefit more than doing their job properly.

The DFA said it will bring the matter to the attention of the other government departments. But perhaps it might be better for all concerned agencies to just track down the local recruiters, throw them in Basilan or Sulu and saved Filipinos a lot of grief and expense.