19 March 2010

Int'l. Award Recognizes a Filipina

Prof. Lourdes Cruz
Professor Lourdes Cruz, a Filipina scientist, was recognized by the 12th L’Oréal-UNESCO "For Women in Science Program" with a prestigious award.

The 12th L’Oréal-UNESCO "For Women in Science" Awards ceremony was held at the UNESCO headquarters to honor five exceptional women scientists, including our very own, Professor Lourdes Cruz of University of the Philippines-Diliman as the awardee for Asia-Pacific.

The five Laureates, one from each continent, were recognized for the quality of their research and strength of their commitment. These women illustrate the determination of the L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO to shed light on exceptional women in science who are helping to change the world.

The prestigious jury presided by Günter Blobel, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine 1999, recognized five distinguished women scientists who are helping to meet the great challenges of the future through their research.
  • Africa and the Middle East: Prof. Rashika El Ridi (Egypt), "For paving the way towards the development of a vaccine against the tropical parasitic disease bilharzia which affects over 200 million people."
  • Asia and the Pacific: Prof. Lourdes J. Cruz (Philippines), "For the discovery of conotoxins produced by certain marine snails that can serve as painkillers (primary substitute to morphine) and pharmaceutical probes to study brain function."
  • Europe: Prof. Anne Dejean-Assémat (France), "For the elucidation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms at the origin of certain cancers in humans."
  • Latin America: Prof. Alejandra Bravo (Mexico), "For her understanding of the mechanism of a bacterial toxin that acts as an environmentally friendly insecticide."
  • North America: Prof. Elaine Fuchs (United States), "For the discovery of stem cells and key processes involved in skin development, maintenance and repair."