30 March 2010

Public Money Wisely Spent

Church Pew
Before more than 80 million Filipinos take a break from the pressure of work during the annual observance of Holy Week, the Catholic Church has reminded them to support efforts to stop immoral initiatives carried out with public money. Bishops and pro-life organizations have warned about the risks of making contraceptives available to everyone because such a campaign could corrupt the consciences of young people. Instead, they support and sponsor the role of parents in moral and sexual education of their children.

Again, why do many priests never credit the people they're supposed to be protecting with any intelligence? There are a few priests who don't brainwash their listeners with medieval fairy tales, but their voices are easily drowned by cruel doctrinal dictatorship.

According to Msgr. Nereo Odchimar, president of the Filipino bishops' conference, "The available resources should be channeled to meet basic needs like food, medicine, education and work. Most importantly, it is unfair that the taxes of citizens, including Catholics, are used for initiatives that go against morality."

The prelate adds that the "commercial" message sponsored by the Department of Health (DOH) not only affects moral values such as family life, but it confuses the minds of young people and weakens their future as parents. He urges the Government to promote chastity and fidelity as the most effective way to fight AIDS.

It can't be denied that for years, churches and pro-life organizations have promoted the Natural Family Program, which aims to disseminate information on risks of sexual promiscuity and the use of contraceptives. This is well and good in the spirit of democracy and free speech, although there is a question on how they can do this effectively in the face of an expose revealing pervert priest sexually sodomizing children in Germany and other parts of the world.

With their credibility on moral issues being questioned, the church also failed to take into account in their pronouncement a glaring fact about AIDS. They did not categorically presented an option on how to treat the 629 new cases that sprung up in 2009. This may be the lowest infection rate in Asia considering that there are 88 million inhabitants registered nationwide, but it still did not dilute the fact that 629 lives are at stake here.

Before the 'morally-correct' priests asked anybody not to spend public funds in fighting the spread of AIDS, they should address first the conspiracy of silence and perversion within their ranks. After that, they can use the wealth they accumulated through centuries of Inquisition and use the money on education and health programs. All these can be easily done if they start paying taxes and subject the scandalous track of lands in their possession to agrarian reform.