16 April 2010

Laudable Environmental Effort

RC Cola
Asiawide Refreshments Corp. has earned recognition for its successful compliance with environmental standards set by the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA).

The licensed manufacturer and distributor of RC Cola was the only carbonated soft manufacturer to receive a blue rating award, a system used by LLDA to monitor the environmental performance of local government units and industrial/ commercial enterprises, through its public disclosure program.

The program aims to reduce air and water pollution from industries. A blue or green (the highest) rating indicates that the establishment meets or even surpasses the LLDA’s standard. On the other hand, a red or black rating is given to organizations whose environmental efforts are inadequate or totally nil.

Asiawide Refreshments has received a blue rating for two consecutive years (2007-2008).

Embarking on green programs is nothing new to Asiawide Refreshments. The company has been doing a lot of green projects – supporting initiatives such as tree planting, every now and then. A green treatment plan has been the company's main concern since it first started.

"Since 2002, when we were first building the plant, we already took that in consideration of the overall design. We completed it in 2003. As our market share grew and our production volume increased, our efforts with LLDA compliance became more intense. That's when they saw that we we’re complying," said Butch Aves, VP-manufacturing/technical services.

The beverage firm's blue rating award is for waste water management in reference to LLDA’s Environmental User Fee System with Wasterwater Charge System of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources under the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004. Aves explained that the company plant, located in Antipolo, discharges water into a stream, which inevitably flows into Laguna Lake.

The treatment facility exceeds even the standards set by LLDA. The current standard is 50 mg/liter while Asiawide's plant has a concentration of 35 mg/liter.

Aves said investing in green-friendly facilities has become self-sustaining for Asiawide.

"It is a necessary investment. If you want to be sustainable, you have to be environmental-friendly. The funds that are being used to operate the equipment are coming from the savings that we get. We are now more conscious and part of that consciousness translates into efficiency. It really is a must for business to become compliant [with government standards]. Being compliant means good business."

Also, consumers are getting more aware of the kind of green initiatives that investors are offering. Eventually, it becomes a reason for product preference- the consideration for eco-friendliness of companies. It is not only the product but how you make the product,” said Aves. In other words, the inclusion of environmental campaigns is a win-win situation for all concerned.