11 May 2010

Election 2010: Bizarre to Fascinating

Noynoy Voting
What was predicted by credible survey firms to be the trend in voting is becoming a reality for the Philippines one day after the 2010 national election. Presidential candidate Nonoy Aquino (pictured above), who has been leading the surveys for the top post, appears to be headed to a landslide victory barring any last-minute hello-Garci type of cheating.

Even his rivals threw in the towel as the picture of another Aquino administration becomes clearer. Sen. Manny Villar, Sen. Richard Gordon, and JC de los Reyes have all started to congratulate him for what seems like his impending victory.

As of 6:15 A.M. Tuesday (11 May 2010), Aquino leads in the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) partial official count, based on 78.55 percent of the results or 30,431,735 votes, which showed him with 12,233,002 (40.19 percent) over former President Joseph Estrada (Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino) with 7,749,597 (25.46 percent) votes.

As Noynoy marched toward becoming the country’s 15th President, his mother, the late Cory Aquino was the 11th to occupy the top post of the land, many observed several interesting highlights and revelations during the fist automated democratic exercise. They usually ranged from the most ridiculous and bizarre to the most fascinating.

First, is that the so-called vaunted political machinery of the ruling LAKAS-KAMPI party was rendered close to useless in propelling administration bet Gilbert Teodoro. In fact, it was so ineffective that political families have endorsed several candidates across different political parties. The 'over-the-bakod' endorsement was more prominent in Cebu, where Governor Gwen Garcia backed presidential candidate from one-party and a vice-president from another party. Her array of senatoriables also cuts across different party lines.

Second, die-hard administration supporters have tried to get everyone on board in their quest to underestimate the results of surveys conducted by the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia. In their blind attempt to convince themselves and others that millions of Filipinos will vote for their candidate, based on the attendance during political rallies, they let their guards down and resorted to Noynoy bashing. However, as history will show later, this futile attempt to tarnish the name of Noynoy backfired as the undecided voters were turned off by their brazen behavior and their arrogant attitude.

Third, majority of the voters gained some level of maturity because they were not easily swayed into supporting a candidate just because that person spent billions of pesos in their ad campaigns. They may hum the candidate's jingle of songs and memorize some of the candidate's lines, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to who they think could lead them in the next 6 years and not because it the lyrics of the song can easily be sung by a six-year old.

Fourth, the quality of endorsers could have played a big part in giving the voters a sense of the candidate's true nature. Between the endorsements of Willie Revillame and Dolphy on one end and Vilma Santos and Kris Aquino on the other end, the voters were able to get a glimpse who among the Presidentiables are really serious in their bid and who are, ehem, a joke. It appears to be an easy choice to make since the line was clearly drawn on who are the comedian actors and who are dramatic actors.

Lastly, up to the eleventh hour, critics of Noynoy were still trying to throw as much dirt as they can on his personality and digging issues from the quagmire in an effort to convince voters that he is a tainted candidate. Groups were formed out of thin air, press conference were organize to present false reports, blogs were created to convince readers that Noynoy was a fraud, public forums were flooded with posts calling him names and other mudslinging strategies were employed. However, as soon as it became apparent that Noynoy will take the presidency in a manner unprecedented in the post-Marcos era, those people and groups became scarce in public.

Noynoy should be wary though. It only takes one mistake on his part to make all these observations to come back and haunt him again. In the meantime, he can use the break and the first 100 days of his Presidency to prove to his detractors that they are terribly wrong about is resolve by getting rid of all those 'allegedly' corrupt officials installed by the previous administration and feed them to the lions. That is always a good start.