10 July 2010

Fil-Am Julaton WBO Title

Ana Julaton
In an arduous war at Casino Rama, the women stole the show with the crowd split on their opinions of the winner. Filipina American Ana Julaton faced off against Mexican Maria Villalobos in a ten round war which resulted in a controversial split decision in favor of Julaton.

Round for round the war was waged inside the pocket between the female fighters, in which both fighters found victory and failure. Villalobos possessed tremendous power staining the left eye of Julaton with her winding hooks and swelling it enough to make it difficult for Julaton to posses full vision.

The war was won by Julaton's quick reversing angles, ducking and rotating footwork and the snapping jab. This lightning jab thrown in concession of two’s, three’s and four’s scored most of Julaton’s points. The crowd showed support in even favor, to both corners, but the crowd’s enchantment was won by the level of athleticism both these ladies displayed.

There were memorable punches coming from both fighters landing hard, pushing the sweat of each others heads. Villalobos made her impact on her body with crushing hooks and uppercuts while Julaton defended with jabs and counter hooks, clinching Villalobos to stop the momentum to her body. Controversy coming from the third round where Julaton slipped and Villalobos continued to punch where the referee declined to warn or demerit a point. In the fourth round Villalobos landed a looping hook after the bell resulting in more damage to the already swollen eye.

The final result had a split decision with two judges scoring the bout 96-94 in favor of Julaton and one judge scoring the bout with 97-94 in favor of Villalobos. Julaton’s face showed a hard won battle with mixed reactions from the crowd. Fatigue was not a factor in both fighters. In the end it was a fantastic display of pugilism irrespective of their gender. Julaton now dawns three belts and a great prospects of fights on the horizon.

In the post presser, both fighters displayed a respect for each other while detailing the methods behind their fight. Trainer Freddy Roach announced he would like a rematch between the two fighters to take place in the Philippines, in which Villalobos replied "Mucho Bueno" (very good). From here Julaton will be defending her three belts and possibly attempt a unification of a fourth. Villalobos is looking to avenge her loss, but still shows contentment to fight any fighter her trainers and promoter Allan Tremblay set for her.