24 August 2010

List of Hostage Casualties

Injured Hostage
The 2010 Manila hostage crisis ended a few hours ago already, but so far not enough information on the identities of the victims were made available. It is not certain if this was deliberate or just plain incompetence on the part of those handling the situation.

Hence, as part of our blog's public service effort, we are releasing the list of identified victims. Among the eight fatalities are a man between 40–45 years of age and two 14- and 21-year-old girls, all named Leung, believed to be the husband and children of a surviving woman of the same name.

List of CasualtyThe hostage crisis happened in front of the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines, when a dismissed police officer from the Manila Police District, former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza, took 25 people (mostly Chinese tourists) hostage aboard a bus.

By night time, the police assaulted the bus after gun shots were heard and Mendoza was shot and killed. Eight Hong Kong nationals were killed and two others remain in serious and critical conditions, respectively. Six hostages were found to be unharmed.

The situation was viewed by many as poorly handled and the Hong Kong media was dissapointed on the slow reaction of the police force. The event was named the "Manila massacre" by Hong Kong's Oriental Daily. Title of issue in Yahoo! Hong Kong is "Ineptituded Philippine Police - 8 Hong Kong holidaymakers were killed".