27 October 2010

Debating the RH Legislation

Church Joke
The reproductive health legislation is again gaining momentum in the halls of Congress. President Benigno Aquino, Jr. has signified his support for a pro-choice policy in not so many words. And as expected, the Roman Catholic Church has stepped up their campaign against the Government, which is not bad because Philippines is still a democratic country. However, if the Catholic hierarchy wants to participate in the process shouldn't they also play by the rules of public debate and engagement?

The medieval times has long since passed and the Vatican's political power has long since diminished. The Catholic Church's magisterial attitude is not the lone variable that should be considered by a rational and mature population. For the good of everyone, scientific evidence and public health interest should be given more weight.

In light of the money-laundering charges in Italy, tax-evasion and child-molestation cases all over the world, one has to wonder why is the Catholic Church, especially in the Philippines, acting like the privileged of centuries past. They may believe that they are the anointed representatives of God, but it doesn't mean that they can dictate and impose their will on everyone.

They can talk and lecture their followers whenever they want about political and economic issues. They can even use the power of the pulpit to demonize health ideas and people who support them. Nobody has a problem with that. However, their function should stop there.

Majority of Filipinos believe that the Catholic Church was not heavenly mandated to make the moral judgment for everyone. They are not entitled to muddle the issue outside their jurisdiction - the church ground. Their brutish beliefs should not be made as an excuse to harass and coerce those with different opinions from them. They have no right to extract political gains from community leaders using the threat of eternal damnation, because if their was one institution that should burn in hell it is the group of fanatics who organized the Inquisition.