19 February 2011

Ajinomoto Post-Graduate Scholarship

Ajinomoto Post-Graduate Scholarship
As post-graduate studies in science and technology continue to make significant advances in human lives globally, the Ajinomoto Group expresses its commitment to contribute to the development of scientific research by giving deserving students the opportunity to study in Japan through the Ajinomoto Scholarship Foundation.

As an affiliate of the Tokyo-based Ajinomoto Group, the Ajinomoto Philippines Corp. (APC) calls on Filipinos aspiring to pursue further studies in the field of science and technology at the University of Tokyo to apply for the 2012 Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant for ASEAN International Students.

This scholarship grant gives the chosen student the option to enroll first in a one-year research program and then to a two-year master’s program, or directly in a two-year master’s program in any of the following graduate schools in the University of Tokyo - Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Engineering, Information Science and Technology, Agricultural and Life Science, Interdisciplinary Information Studies (ITASIA), Frontier Science, and Mathematical Science.

The recipient of the grant is entitled to a full scholarship, monthly allowances, as well as full coverage of examination and admission fees, language training prior to studying in Japan and airfare to and from Japan.

The Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant for ASEAN International Students aims to cultivate individuals who will make contributions to the development of Asia and their respective countries.

"Through this scholarship grant, we hope that the chosen student will not only be able to pursue his or her own dreams, but will also be able to contribute to the economic, cultural and educational development of the Philippine society upon completion of master’s degree in Japan," says APC president Katsuaki Ogawa.

Deadline of application is on 11 March 2011.