24 February 2011

Let Foreign Justice Deal With Them

Chinese Death Penalty
The Philippines recently thanked China for its "unprecedented" decision to postpone the execution of three Filipinos convicted for drug smuggling and to allow a review of their cases.

This is all well and good, but don't you think that the country's meager resources are better utilized by focusing instead on those that were abused and abandoned abroad and not on those who committed a heinous crime and penalized for it?

The three Filipinos mentioned above were tried and convicted in China for trying to smuggle at least 4,000 grams of heroin! Again, at least 4,000 grams of heroin! There's nothing funny about this and it is not excusable.

Let us not get carried away about their families supposedly storied state because if you try to visit them right now you will be surprised at how well-off they have become through the years. Becoming a drug mule because of poverty is one of the most abused excuse for many hardened criminals. They probably practiced saying this justification a couple hundred times with blanket tears and freaky stories to boot.

Let us also not get carried away by their flimsy argument that they are not aware about the boxes or packages that they are carrying and somebody just asked them as a favor. That is just plain bullshit!

Even lowly lemmings will not jump over the cliff to their death just because the leader of the pack wants to. If somebody asked you to carry a package weighing 4,000 grams, will you not check it out first? If they are that stupid and answer yes, they really should languish in Chinese prison to accept the consequences of their stupidity.

Besides, it is easy for anyone to state that they are unaware of a law, and if to say so was to aquit themselves of any crimes then it would be impossible to discern who was lying or not. Unfortunately, for the three Filipino criminals they don't have any evidence to prove that they really don't know.

Let us now do our homework and stop reacting to the plight of stupidity and the criminally insane Filipinos abroad. The taxpayer's money is better served by using it to provide quality care to the genuine and hard-working overseas Filipinos in conflict areas, to those who were maltreated and abused, and abandoned Filipino children abroad. These are the people who pay the right kind of service to the country and acknowledged the authority of the laws and, therefore, deserved our attention.