21 April 2011

First Woman General in AFP

General Ramona Go
To cap last month's women's celebration, this blog would like to introduce the first female general in the Philippine Army's 114-year history.

Promoted from colonel to brigadier general, Ramona Go, 54, took her oath last March 2011 along with dozens of other promoted senior military officers upon the recommendation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Board of Generals.

"She is the first lady general of the Philippine Army who is a regular officer," said Parlade, explaining that the military has had female generals in the past but who belonged to the technical service, serving as nurses.

"Call it courage, the dedication to serve, and the desire to make a difference, Brig. Gen. Ramona P. Go entered the profession of arms years ago and proved that in the place of some men, a woman can shine," he said.

A native of San Dionisio, Iloilo, Go serves as the Army's assistant deputy chief of staff for personnel.

Parlade said Go had previously been sent to combat assignments, at one time serving as commander of the Aviation Battallion under the Light Armor Division.

A month after finishing the officer candidate course at Women’s Royal in Australia, Go was commissioned into the service in January 1982.

She afterwards took up a number of military courses, trainings, and seminars, and also held major positions such as that of Army unit tactical officer and platoon leader of the Women Auxiliary Corps in Camp Aguinaldo. She also chaired a military tribunal that tried officers accused of infractions.

Previously serving as AFP adjutant general, Go was a recipient of the Ulirang Ina award by the National M & F Day Foundation Inc.

She finished a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the Central Philippine University in 1977, and later got a master’s degree in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management, in Makati City.