09 May 2011

"Positive Discipline Act" Hurdles Fist Barrier

Child Discipline
The House committee on the welfare of children has just finally approved a bill that seeks to promote positive and non-violent forms of disciplining children rather than more traditional violent methods. Called the Positive Discipline Act of 2011, the bill was filed by Partylist Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy and Tarlac 2nd District Rep. Susan Yap.

The Positive Discipline Act of 2011, once approved into law, will put in place a comprehensive program that will provide protection for children from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury and neglect.

"There are global evidences that violence against children is harmful as it impedes their development and has negative impact on their childhood. This is an opportunity for the Philippines to be in the forefront of the advocacy to institutionalize and promote positive and non-violent ways of disciplining children," Child Rights Network (CRN) co-convenor Selena Fortich said.

As defined under the bill, positive and non-violent discipline refer to an approach to correct the behavior of a child and to teach a lesson that would build self-discipline and emotional control while nurturing a good relationship with the child by understanding the his or her needs and capabilities at various ages.

This early, the Department of Education has affirmed its support to the bill and has likewise initiated some actions together with UNICEF that would address violence against children in school settings.