12 July 2011

Not Sad, But Mad

Filipino Priests
Do you feel pain and sadness after the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) expressed remorse after acknowledging that seven prelates received lavish donations of funds for expensive vehicles from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)? One blogger told me that far from that. Instead, most bloggers feel anger and madness over the way the pastoral statement was written.

"As shepherds struggling to love you like Jesus the Good Shepherd, we are sorry for the pain and sadness that these events have brought upon you. We are saddened that many of you, especially the youth, the poor, our Basic Ecclesial Communities, have been confused because of the apparent inconsistency of our actions with our pastoral preaching," the CBCP's statement said.

That was a very well-written paragraph that tried very hard to convince its readers that they are sincere on what they were saying. They are sorry, they are sad. Their flock is confused because they are not practicing what they are preaching.

Now that we are done with these declaration and supposedly acknowledgement of a mistake, can we go now to major issues like when will the concerned priests return the vehicles? Will the CBCP allow a public audit on the seven parishes that received the vehicles? Will the CBCP allow the government to investigate if there are other priests who asks for their cut in gambling operations during the nine-year rule of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? How about possible sanctions and penalties for these seven men in priestly robes?

Wait! A friend of mine pointed out that there seems to be more than just the admission of guilt here. The following statement seems to confirm that CBCP is still trying to retain a semblance of miniscule pride from all these even when their priests already admitted publicly of receiving and spending public funds.

"We assure you that the bishops concerned are ready to accept responsibility for their action and to face the consequences if it would be proven unlawful, anomalous, and unconstitutional. We assure you that their action was done without malice," Tandag, Surigao del Sur Bishop Nereo Odchimar said, reading from the statement.

So let me get this straight. CBCP is asking for forgiveness because they caused sadness by accepting government funds (as indicated in the audit report), but they are not sure if it is anomalous? Why are they making this issue more complicated than it is? The constitution was clear when it states that public funds cannot be used for any religious activity. As if this is enough, the funds came from a gambling operation that the Catholic Church vehemently abhorred and hated for years. Moral ascendancy down the drain?

Instead of the double talk, which only confirms the ignorance of some CBCP officials, they should try to round up the seven priests, confiscate their passports and send them to Afghanistan or Sudan to preach their own interpretation of living in poverty. There they can practice their "religion of peace" to their hearts' content, secure in the knowledge that they will no longer be persecuted and ridiculed by the Philippine government.

Meanwhile, P-Noy's administration and the CBCP needs to start doing something to weed out these "men in cloth" that receives bribes from government officials. If these obscene people continue to ply their trade from the pulpit, a time will come when Filipino Indios may start taking the law into their own hands. And just in case any politically correct human rights lawyer and apologist for Catholic extremism are reading this, this is NOT an incitement, but an observation.

Maybe an average fanatical Catholic follower does not get much attention in Philippine history, but their handlers need to know that centuries of Spanish Rule have shown that you can push Filipinos only so far before they don't want to be pushed further. These ignorant, arrogant and doctrinal idiots are taking the piss to such an extent that a breaking point is coming ever closer.