20 August 2011

Phone Load Service for OFWs

OFW Phone
Several assessment reports have already shown that overseas placement has out placed new job generation in the Philippines. Unlike the earlier groups of Filipino-American pensionados in the US who generally tended to assimilate either as professional middle class suburbanities or, as in the case of the second generation Filipino-Americans as ethnicized, hypernated Americans, the present crop of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) rarely ever expect to remain permanent in their host country.

In fact, today’s thrust for Overseas Filipino Workers in the different regions around the world was already a strategic policy of the government to save a failed economy in the Philippines. Without their remittances, the country may already suffer the same Argentinean experience in South America because of our growing foreign debts.

Estimates showed that there are about five million OFW today and many of them are located in the Middle East and the United States, while an important number can also be found in major European and Asian countries including London, Milan, Singapore, Vancouver and Hong Kong with a total estimated and increasing 7.38 Million Overseas Filipino around the world.

This so-called "bagong bayani" are divided into three categories:
  1. Immigrants who have legal permanents
  2. The irregular migrants
  3. The Overseas Contract Workers
However, being dubbed as the country's modern heroes does not mean that the government can assure OFW welfare and safety, even though remittances that annually amount to billions of dollars served as a lifesaver of the Philippine economy and State.

While many of us are comfortable in our air-conditioned offices and here talking about the just concluded visit of Paris Hilton, there are several OFW who suffer different sorts of maltreatment and physical and sexual assault.

Small things that we can do to help the OFWs ease the pressure, minimize the risk and address their vulnerability will be most welcome by these modern heroes.

Hence, one of my blogs will be offering a way for any OFW in other parts of the globe to conveniently contact their loved ones here in the Philippines. Specifically, OFWs who are currently major subscribers of pre-paid or post paid service from the country’s major telecommunication network will soon be able to get a load or credits to their accounts through my blog, Desirable Options. I’m still trying to fix the details, but once it's officially certain, I will make another post and a widget to facilitate access.

Any suggestions that could help improve this planned service would be most welcome.