20 September 2011

What Causes Squatters in PHL?

Squatter's Area
A squatter is a person who just comes and lives on other people's land. If the owner is living outside the country this is a particular problem, because they are not here to keep tabs on the property. The biggest problem is that once squatters take up residence on their land, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of them.

There have been a lot of studies made regarding the squatters, squatter's area and people who do not have their own houses or better yet, let us call it homes. These people are not homeless per se, but homeless in terms that they do not own the houses and lots they live in and stay at.

There are different causes to why squatters exist in the Philippines. These mainly are the following: unemployment, overpopulation, governance concern, lack of education, problems in the agriculture section and other social issues too. These things have inter-relationship with each other.

  1. UNEMPLOYMENT – unemployment rate in the Philippines is 7.50 percent with a 1.35 percent improvement. The unemployment rate gives us the idea that if there are not enough jobs for every Filipino who graduate or stop from studying, it only means that there will not be enough income for these people to own their own land and houses.
  2. OVERPOPULATION – population in the Philippines is 97, 976, 603 and this only shows that the Philippines is so much more populated than the past years. And our lands are not enough as a settlement for everyone, especially if lands are being owned by the richest of the country.
  3. GOVERNANCE CONCERN – governance concern is the way our government handles the country. If certain budgets are not allocated as well as they are supposed to be and if these are corrupted, then again, our Filipinos who are settling in areas they do not own will last a little longer in those places and they will never be able to overcome their being squatters.
  4. LACK OF EDUCATION –Philippines as we all know is overpopulated more on the side of the younger generation, and we all believe that there are no enough schools for every child being born to be given enough education to. Let us just say that there are schools that we can squeeze in students into, but there will not be quality education. There will only be a formality that these children are brought to school, but not necessarily learning.
  5. PROBLEMS IN THE AGRICULTURE SECTION – This has been a very big issue lately in the Philippines, because different farmers who take care of the lands of those rich people. But they do not have their own lands which cause these people to squat in manila to be able to rally and fight for the lands they plow for them to have a partial ownership to these and when they are not granted what they are requesting for, they settle in in the Rural.
  6. OTHER SOCIAL ISSUES – If only Philippines is not experiencing poverty, there would be enough budget that could be entitled to these people for their homes.