13 October 2011

Pinoy "Superman"?

Pinoy Superman Look-a-Like
A resident of Calamba, Laguna is making headlines in several international tabloids as he took his idolization of a comic book character, Superman, to another level.

Herbert Chavez, a self-professed "pageant trainer" who owns two costume stores, has undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries for his nose, cheeks, lips and chin down to his thighs and even his skin color to look more like the "Man of Steel".

As shown in the picture above, the final result bears little resemblance to his old self. The photo on the left was taken when Chavez was 16.

Aside from copying his idol figuratively, Chavez also maintain a collection of Superman memorabilia, life-sized statues, shirt collection, catalogue of cards and comic books.

Pinoy Superman Look-a-LikeHowever, most online posters and viewers find little pride on the efforts of Chavez. Instead, they made fun of his artificial look. Here are some of their comments:
"from Gay to Wax image...LOL!!!" - Onin

"inday mas kamukha mo si "VOLTA" kaysa kay superman . . . . hay naku naman inday! wag mong murderin si superman" - Bibi

"what an IDIOT!' - Oliver


"mukha na syang cartoon... lol" - Acquosi Acque

"Bonsai na superman hahahaha! try hard talaga nito!" - Ryan

"looks like this is a (blow) job for sssuuuppeerr maaan!!! lol.." - Robin

"mas kamukha nya si michael jackson..." - Augustenrush
However, there are still some who defended Chavez and did not find anything wrong with what he did. Instead, they admired him for trying to live his dreams and make others feel happy in the process.
"you have great imaginations and you use it to be an entrepreneur.. i appreciate... to all with great minds, put it in action and make it happen, and it make you a good source of income..." - Lyndee

"bakit kya di nlang natin suportahan ang kapwa natin pilipino, kasi sya lang ang Pinoy Superman!" - May

"dapat be proud tayo mga filipino,,,bat kaya nyo ba yan? dpat suportahan natin sya khit man lang sa emotional and spiritual..galit ako sa mga taong manlalait!...hindi yung manlait kayo kapwa filipino! gogo superman! be proud! bless u!" - Ed

"bago kayo mag lait ng kapwa nyo tignan nyo muna ang sarili ninyo,,,heeey pilipino ang nilalait ninyo,kapwa pilipino tayo YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF IT,at least may pag look a like sya,,e kayo sino ang look a like nyo?proud ako sayo HERBERT" - Rushella Peres