24 April 2012

New Email Phishing Scam

Email Phishing Scam
For those who received this email, you better be aware that this is a scam. It is also targeting other Yahoo Mail users and seeking their online credentials.

According to malwarecity.com, the email phishing scam is going after the user’s Yahoo credentials via a fake "E-Mail Account Exceeded" email subject. Clicking the re-validate link will only redirect the unsuspected user to a Google Docs link that will display a small form asking to input email address, user name, password, and even opt for a 500 GB storage upgrade to the user’s account.

"If you receive this type of email in your inbox, it’s safe to assume that you’re being conned into giving away your Yahoo account, by using one of the internet’s oldest scams," malwarecity.com said.

However, malwarecity.com was quick to point out that whoever is behind this scam may have been new or is just a starting scammer. The telltale signs are already obvious.

"Besides the poorly designed form, the fact that you can actually see the Google Docs link is an indication that the so-called hackers are pretty new at this and they’re targeting users not highly versed in Internet usage," malwarecity.com added.