24 May 2012

Netizen Answers CJ Supporter's Gloomy Article

CJ on Wheelchair
A few days after his testimony, Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona suddenly made a quick getaway that was prevented only by the quick action of the Senate security to lock down all exits. Knowing that he has no way out of it and the Senator Judges demanding he should return immediately, the Chief Justice allegedly had a sudden bout of hypoglycaemia.

Despite the unsubstantiated three-hour rant that he delivered with all the flimsy excuse he could muster, the Chief Justice still managed to convince some opinionated writers to his cause.

One such writer posted his article in The Philippine Star arguing that Corona was able to address 'convincingly' all the side issues thrown against him, such as the Basa family feud, the presentation of his accounts, the misdeclaration of his assets and the accusation that he enrich himself while in office.

Unfortunately for the writer, a commenter using the name acsa was able to rebut his claim more convincingly using direct and simple words. Here are the points raised by the writer and the witty answers posted by acsa:

"Whether you believe it or not, they (Communism) have never been this strong before and their main objective is complete takeover of the nation by the year 2013. Call this my way of warning you."

In the words of the youth – Asa!

A better explanation – expect a coup in case this happens. Our brand of communism is a known enemy of the people, and has taken the lives of many soldiers. If the President attempts to take over the country in the name of CPP, expect a civil war before they succeed.

"This is a scenario that even the Americans are not thinking of because Communism after all is already passé’ hence their focus is terrorism."

The US tagged CPP and NPA as terrorist organisations.

"Call it far-fetch, but you better believe that the first country to recognize a communist Philippines would be China. This is why suddenly we’re having trouble with China."

It is far-fetched, and that's not the issue with China. They've had conflicts with Vietnam over territory even though they share the same basic Marxist ideologies.

"He who is without sin let him cast the 1st stone"

Does not apply, when you take it literally, once you stone someone, he/she may die and may never repent. Don't you think Christ wanted people to change instead of simply die for their sins?

"The pro-P-Noy media suddenly pounced on that hasty exit without acknowledging the state of health of CJ Corona."

You can't help it, the trial was live. Not only pro-Pnoy media but everyone who was watching the streams we're thinking something's wrong. If they waited and asked, who would answer them? Even his defense team seemed shocked.

"What has become to these people who profess to be Catholics or Christians?"

Are you sure they're even Christians?

"Remember that adage that a picture paints a thousand words? We all saw the face of CJ Corona, so full of emotion, so stressed out… something had to give."

We also have good actors in our political arena, can't really blame people for thinking that way when they've been fed the same thing for 2-3 decades.

"But in my book, it was perhaps the greatest challenge (waiver challenge to 189 signatories) that the Chief Justice posed"

True, but I believe it shouldn't have been a condition, it should have simply been a challenge. That condition has a less than 1 percent chance of being fulfilled, and one hard-headed person may cause the people from never finding the truth. I think he should have simply signed and submitted the waiver, then issued the challenge so that public clamour can do the rest.

"I doubt if the 188 Congressmen and women or Sen. Franklin Drilon would dare sign those bank waivers. They’re nothing but [bannedword]!"

True, but that is part of being a politician, the same thing can be said about the CJ even though he's a supposed to be the promoter of justice.