06 May 2012

A Victimizing Victim

A Victimizing Victim
I found very few readings about the victim victimizing others, a phenomenon at this juncture in our culture and time. Despite this limitation, it behoves us, in light of all the trust that was put in place to shed light on the terrible darkness, to press even more aggressively and diligently to bring perpetrators of abuse to see the reality of the severe harm they have caused.

This could be the case when it comes to a poster child who was sentenced to prison in the US for raping a 10-year-old girl.

Adam Croote asked bystanders to share the burden of pain and demands action, engagement, and remembering when he inspired a policy requiring missing children posters be hung in federal buildings.

The irony is that the face of the 23-year-old will not anymore be considered in missing posters but in police mug shots. Croote is now heading to jail for at least 25 years after pleading guilty to raping and choking a young girl he was looking after in New York state, the Albany Times Union reports.

When Croote was two years old his father shot and killed his pregnant mother and left him with her body for hours.

Two years later, he was kidnapped by his mother's parents as they battled his paternal grandparents for custody. He was declared a missing child for three years until his grandparents were caught as part of a nationwide search.

Later when he was six years old Croote visited the White House to watch President Bill Clinton sign the order bringing in the new policy.

Croote told police the girl he was babysitting one afternoon last June was screaming so he choked her to try and silence her.