26 June 2012

Bishop's Racy Beach Photo

Racy Beach Photo
For all their talk about celibacy, holy doctrines, theological principles and unending servitude, priests are still human. And like all humans, are prone to the demand of the flesh. So why not give in to that urge once in awhile?

This is exactly what an Argentine bishop did when he proudly cavorted with a woman at a beach in Mexico. Unfortunately, it got him in trouble.

The bishop, Fernando Bargallo, 57, who led the diocese of Merlo-Moreno outside Buenos Aires since May 1997, has tendered his resignation in the face of pressure to give up the post since photos surfaced this month showing him frolicking and embracing the bikini-clad woman.

He wore nothing but swim shorts.

In the ensuing scandal, Bargallo initially said the woman was a merely longtime friend, but late last week finally admitted having "amorous ties" with her, according to the Clarin daily.

Church officials were not immediately available to confirm or deny reports of the clergyman's resignation.

Pope Benedict XVI, who reportedly has been briefed about the scandal, will make the ultimate decision about whether to accept Bargallo's resignation, church observers said.