17 July 2012

How About Butchering the Butcher?

Justice for Children
I can think of only one word to describe a person who clubbed two children to death and burned their bodies beyond recognition - Butcher.

Alfred Miranda, 42, of Barangay Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City deserve nothing but the harshest penalty possible under the law after he was tagged and arrested as the culprit in the killing of John Larry Mendoza, 9, and his 11-year-old niece Jessiedel Manalo, both of Purok 7, Barangay Tugbungan.

Investigation revealed that the victims along with two other companions who were collecting scrap materials to be sold in junkshops entered Miranda's compound around 9:00 A.M. last Saturday (14 July 2012).

Chief Insp. Elmer Acuña, Police Station 6 commander, said Miranda caught the two victims but their two companions, namely, Joshua Manalo and France Patrick Pantaleon managed to escape.

Bryan Mendoza, 16, the elder brother of John Larry, went to Miranda’s residence to look for his younger brother and niece but the suspect prevented him from going inside the compound after the two children informed him of the incident.

Rosana Manalo, the mother of Jessiedel, said they sought the assistance of the Barangay Tanod of Talon-Talon and proceeded to Miranda's residence to look for the two children.

Around 9:00 P.M. on the same day, the elder Manalo said they entered Miranda’s compound and started looking for the two children. She described Miranda's compound as "very dark" since there was no electricity and they only rely on the lights of the vehicle of the Barangay Tanod in searching for the victims.

They initially found the bloodstained pair of slippers of her daughter and later the charred bodies of the two children at Miranda's backyard, she said.

The victim's relatives and policemen have found at Miranda's compound some hard objects with blood stains suspected to have been used in beating the two children to death.

As expected, the oxygen-wasting Miranda denied the accusation claiming that while he held the two minors, he let them go around 11:00 A.M. The stupidity of this person is beyond comprehension after he failed to explain why the two dead bodies are still there even after he let them go.

Mendoza was a Grade 2 pupil, while Manalo, the daughter of Mendoza's sister, was a Grade 4 pupil at the Tugbungan Elementary School. The lives of these two children cannot be replaced anymore, but justice can serve them better if the life of Miranda is forfeited as well.