06 July 2012

Newborn Almost Got Buried Alive

Newborn Hands
If there is one animal that needs purging to weed out the twisted and criminal behaviour from its stock, human tops the list. And among the oxygen-wasting group of criminals, those who do harm to children should be eliminated in the most gut-wrenching and bone-wrecking method.

If you don't agree with me, then take a look at this latest story from Indonesia where a one-day old baby girl was hurriedly abandoned by her alleged parents after they were caught trying to bury her alive.

Last 2 July 2012, villagers in Rajasthan's Dausa district reportedly heard the wailing of a baby coming from a farm land near Todarwas village in Dausa district, some 100 km from Jaipur. When they reached the spot, they saw a couple trying to bury a new-born girl in a dug-up pit. They tried to chase them, but they escaped.

The villagers later informed the police. "The girl was admitted to a hospital. She was suffering from fever. However, her condition is now normal," said one of the officers who is helping tracked the suspected parents.

Several incidents of girls being abandoned by their parents have been reported in Rajasthan of late.

An eight-month-old girl was found wrapped in a cloth near a reservation window of the Rajasthan Roadways bus stand in Bundi 19 May. Similarly, an infant girl, apparently abandoned by her parents, was found at the doorstep of a children's home in Udaipur 9 May.

According to Census 2011, Rajasthan now has 883 girls between the ages of 0-6 for every 1,000 boys. The child sex ratio in 2001 was 909.

Now, if you think that these data and information will force the Rajasthan government to take extreme measures to prevent similar despicable incidents from happening in the future, then think again. Instead of conducting a nationwide manhunt, organizing tracker teams and approving stiffer and painful penalties for the wrongdoers, the most that they could do was to "frame a girl policy".

I must admit that I am not Indonesian nor I am familiar with their system of governance, but I don’t see any major changes by "framing a girl policy". What would they think of next, framing a burial-pit policy? Shooting or burying convicted parents would be better.