16 August 2012

Cult Leader Will Serve 480 Years in Jail

Antonio Dumala Faelnar
Cult leaders always find ways to sweet talk their followers into doing something to satisfy their wants in the name of God or religion. The worse of this lot preys on children, just like Antonio Dumala Faelnar.

The self-proclaimed "messenger who could bring his followers and the entire world to salvation” used his influence to beat up adults and have his way with their children. The oxygen-wasting Faelnar lures his members with the promise of salvation and everlasting life if they join the Global Empire Covenant and Divine Government. Once they get hooked with the activities of the cult with the most horrific name, he made them victims of abuse and maltreatment.

Unfortunately for Faelnar, his religious reign of terror came to an end on 4 August 2006 when police raided on his house in Marikina City and rescued about a dozen children from sexual predation.

"Napag-aralan namin na hindi kayang dumaan sa gate kaya ang ginawa namin, dinaan namin sa ladder assault," SPO4 De Belen of the Marikina SWAT said.

After a five-year trial, two Marikina courts on 27 June 2012 found the cult leader guilty of raping at least three minors. Now in his gruesome 60s, Faelnar was earlier convicted of kidnapping and illegal detention in August 2007. He is currently serving a 40-year prison term for this case.

The latest verdicts handed down by judges Lorna F. Catris-Chua Cheng and Geraldine Fiel-Macaraig of Marikina RTC Branch 168 and 192, respectively, cited him for 12 counts of rape, carrying a penalty of reclusion perpetua, a prison term of up to 40 years, per count.

Cheng decided on two incidents of rape involving one complainant, while Macaraig handled 10 incidents involving two more complainants, who were all minors when they were abused.

When asked about his reaction on the court's decision, the unrepentant Faelnar said, "Wala na akong ano diyan, basta bahala na ang Panginoon sa akin. Wala rin naman akong magagawa."

However, some netizens find the penalty too light. They recommended that Faelnar and members of Global Empire Covenant and Divine Government who conspired to fool people into following their twisted ways should not only be 480 years in prison, but should be tortured everyday they served their penalty. How about tying them naked to a tree next to an anthill?