02 August 2012

Help for a 4-Year Old John Marvin Barlao

Wilm's Tumor
The Inquirer News today is asking the public to do their share in helping four-year-old John Marvin Barlao.

A few months ago, one of his kidneys was removed after he was diagnosed with Wilm's tumor, a type of renal cancer common among children. Having certain genetic conditions or birth defects can increase the risk of developing Wilms' tumor. Children who are at risk should be screened for Wilms' tumor every three months until they turn eight.

Last week, the boy's doctor at Philippine General Hospital (PGH) discovered another kulani or enlarge lymph nodes, this time on his thigh.

The PGH physician advised Mariane, the boy's mother, to take him to a private hospital for an MRI and CT scan so that they could determine whether John Marvin needed an operation or to undergo chemotherapy.

The tests, however, cost PhP 25,000, an amount the family cannot afford since her husband lost his job earlier this year, Mariane said.

I would have given that amount if I were rich enough, but sadly I am not. Hence, I try to do what I can at this time and that is spread the word about the plight of John Marvin and, hopefully. somebody can provide the much needed assistance.

Those who want to help John Marvin can call his mother at 0932-7668151. Donations can be deposited in Mariane Barlao’s BPI account with account number 8519297176.