25 September 2012

Gun-poking Incident in San Agustin?

Gun Poking
There was a report from ABS-CBN News a few days ago that claims a man pointed a gun in the head of a student inside an exclusive school.

In an interview with Korina Sanchez on her dzMM radio program today (19 September 2012), Sony Lopez Gonzales said her grandson was pointed with a gun on the forehead by Allan Bantilles last 30 August 2012 inside the premises of Colegio San Agustin in DasmariƱas Village, Makati City.

During the interview, Gonzales said the gun-pointing incident started after her grandson had an altercation with Bantilles' son. She alleged that her grandson punched Bantilles' son after the latter him endlessly.

"They kept harassing my apo. Pino-poke ba naman yung penis and pwet. For weeks they were doing that," Gonzales said, referring to Bantilles' son and another student.

"Ulit sila ng ulit. Then sabi ng apo ko, 'tama na, tama na, stop it.' Doon nag-init ang apo ko, siyempre sinuntok niya," she added.

Gonzales said after learning of the brawl, the older Bantilles immediately rushed to the school's campus in Makati with a bodyguard and pointed his gun at the forehead of her grandson. This incident was reportedly witnessed by several faculty members since it happened inside the school's faculty room.

"[Ang sabi ni Bantilles], 'you're the boy that hit my boy?' Tapos sinuntok na siya. He kept insulting him. In the meantime ang apo ko apologize ng apologize," she said.

"Paulit-ulit [sinasabi ni Bantilles] 'Do you want me to shoot you? Do you want me to shoot you?' Eh kung na-Rolito Go 'yan, eh 'di patay na ang apo ko."

The worse thing is that, according to Gonzalez, her grandson was suspended for four days, while the two students were still able to go to school following the incident.

DZMM called the school administration for comment, but it declined to be interviewed. Sanchez asked Mr. Bantilles to air his side by calling the station.

Another question is, what will the school do about this incident if ever it happened? Will they act as if everything is back to normal and hope that the public will forget about this in the long run?