18 October 2012

Another Face of Evil

Escalona: Face of Evil
Remember the woman who glued her 2-year old daughter's hands to the wall then beat her in front of her other siblings just because the toddler soiled her pants? Well, that despicable woman is 23-year old Elizabeth Escalona.

Escalona is currently attending the sentencing hearings after she pleaded guilty to First Degree Injury to a Child in July after confessing to abusing her daughter, Joselyn.

The doctor showed photos of the beaten Joselyn in court in which she had bruises, cuts and bite marks all over her body shortly after she was brought to Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Some of her hair had been pulled out and there was glue in her eyelashes and on her hands.

The toddler was in a coma for two days after that unforgettable 7 September 2011, incident. Police records show the toddler's siblings told investigators their mother repeatedly kicked the girl in the stomach and hit her with various objects (milk jug, shoe, belt) before gluing her hands to the wall because of her delusion of an 'ideal' potty training.

Escalona apparently had no remorse for her actions on the day of the incident, posting to Facebook, "Why does God put obstacles in my life?" Dallas Morning News reported. She also changed her profile picture to a photo of her and her daughter most probably to gain a semblance of sympathy from her imaginary friends.

Jocelyn has since recovered from her injuries. She and her siblings were taken into state custody after their mother's arrest.

Escalona's mother, Ofelia Escalona, recently took the stand and pleaded for the judge to sentence her daughter to probation.

"Your honor, my daughter made a mistake. She's not a monster, she needs help. I wish, as a mother, that I had done more to protect my daughter," said Ofelia Escalona, amid tears. "I take responsibility for what I didn't do to help her. She's been hurt enough, there's five children out there, that need to be helped, support. At the moment I'm not receiving any kind of financial support. I am asking you sir, for probation on behalf of my daughter. She needs to work, help support these children. She can be fit. She's not a monster, your honor."

I'm sorry Ofelia. But many people will disagree with you. Your daughter is a monster that is usually found in a child's nightmare. She is an evil woman that should not be allowed a glimpse of life outside of prison.

Please don't use her working to support her children as an excuse. That's very pathetic of you. She is not fit to be a mother even to a cow. The State and several wealthy foundations had already made arrangements for our grandchildren's future. Try another excuse.

If things turn out right, Elizabeth Escalona, another face of evil in this world, will soil in her pants everyday she spends her life sentence in prison.