02 October 2012

More from the Breastfeeding Mom

Breastfeeding Mom
A few months ago, this blog featured a mother breastfeeding her 3-year old son, whose photo made it to the covers of TIME Magazine. Well, 26-year old Jamie Lynne Grumet is back in the covers and is excited to set the story straight and deliver the message that she was suppose to convey last May 2012.

"I definitely don't agree with the [TIME] cover and don't agree with the article. Our intentions were to help relieve the stigma attached to breast-feeding past infancy," Grumet said. "The photo I saw wasn't one that we were trying to pose for."

To set everything in order Grumet has posed for the cover article of the non-profit quarterly Pathways to Family Wellness with her son Aram, now 4, her husband and their adopted Ethiopian son by her side. And just like the TIME cover, Grumet is shown breastfeeding her son again.

Grumet told ABC News the TIME cover image was an "outtake" that - especially alongside the blaring words "Are You Mom Enough?" - looked "confrontational and detached." This polarized mothers in the "media-generated mommy wars, which I don't even know if they exist in real life," she said. "It made me really, really sad."

This time, Grumet claimed that the cover portrayed toddler breast-feeding more realistically, incorporating the husband and siblings. This and other points made in the accompanying article humanize and explain the practice in a way she had hoped the TIME article would, she said.

However, after reading both articles, I don’t see any major difference on how breastfeeding moms are portrayed. One thing is certain though, the Pathway article will still encourage serious debate of these important decisions facing millions of parents worldwide, which was what the TIME article also hoped to do.

Some bloggers think that this is just another Grumet stunt just to ‘milk the moment’ and get whatever publicity she could.