19 October 2012

No Reason to Hate Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu
When "Charlie’s Angels" actress Lucy Liu was asked by David Letterman if she likes running outdoors or indoors, the Hollywood actress said: "I run in a machine. It's easier for me. Also if I get really dark, I'll start to look a little Filipino', it wouldn't match. If I start getting darker, you know what I mean? I can get really dark if I’m in the sun too much."

The highlighted comment drew some very negative reaction from social media, but if we try to analyze the whole answer, it really makes sense taken as a whole and there is really no intention to downgrade being a Filipino. The whole point of Liu is that Filipinos have much darker skin tone on average compared to Chinese, Koreans or Japanese.

There are no hints of discrimination there whatsoever if you try to analyze the whole answer to the question before her. It’s like saying that staying indoors to much will make Liu start looking a little Caucasian.

Despite this, Liu answer last 11 October 2012 during her appearance on “The Late Night Show with David Letterman” earned some nasty comments and reaction:

According to YouTube user sarahmaegrueso, Liu sounded a bit of a racist with her comment.

"Really, what's wrong with being a Filipino? In the first place she's half Asian? I admire her being a great actress, but what she said is really racist. Nakakalungkot lang," sarahmaegrueso said.

"Hey Lucy Liu, wtf is wrong with looking Filipino? #LucyLiu #FilipinoLooks," added Twitter user David Mo Sian.

Twitter user Reina also noted: "Interview- Letterman with Lucy Liu- she says she does not"NOT want to look Filipino? FYI being a Filipino goes beyond skin color."

"Lucy Liu doesn't jog outside because she doesn't want to get dark and look Filipino. Did she just let her racism out? Ouch Liu," added Twitter user Shelley Guerrero.