05 February 2013

They're Killing Each Other

Abu Sayyaf Victim
When news broke out that members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the bandit group Abu Sayyaf were killing each other in Patikul, Sulu, I was reminded of the single most pertinent statement made by Henry Kissinger several years ago. When the Iran-Iraq war began, over a million very young men lost their lives in that war. Henry Kissinger said at the beginning of that war, eight years of war, "I hope they kill each other".

Should the Philippine Government adopt the same policy? What could be better – have them kill each other – then who has to worry about the Mindanao region anymore, you know? Besides I don't think that is not exactly our policy in Mindanao where the bandit group and Muslim extremist are wrecking havoc in the lives of peace-loving civilians.

Could this be the solution to over-population – call it triage, whatever you want to call it. Let them kill each other, let them die. And they are dying all over Mindanao anyway, where the masses of poor people live. They are expendable there as they are expendable in crime-ridden areas of Manila.

As awful as what we've done and what we've threatened to do in Mindanao, the worst violence that all of our technology could unleash together with the strangulation of food subsidy, the thing we have to realize is, it's what our government leadership has been doing all along.

This is appalling, I know. And this should change.

Unfortunately, we have a war party in this country and we've had it all along! And you can call it LAKAS for a while, you can call it UNA, but it has been the special economic interest in this society that's governed us from the time that we founded our government. And the people have never controlled the government.

We call ourselves the first democracy in Asia – we are absolutely a plutocracy! It's the most obvious thing in the world! Wealth governs this country! And wealth uses military violence to control the rest of the Mindanao as best it can! And we’re responsible! And we will pay the price for it!

If we don't control our violence, if we don’t control the effect of the symbol of our glorification of violence, on our children and on the rest of the planet, then Filipinos is going to be the first to destroy itself completely. And that’s the road the government has put us on if they don’t stop the violence in Southern Philippines.