18 April 2013

Attempted Child Abduction Thwarted

There are several reports of child abduction recently and the authorities do not believed they are connected or related incidents. However, the public remain unconvinced as they continue to hear reports of attempted abductions nationwide. The latest report involved an attempt against an 11-year-old girl who, luckily, escaped from her alleged kidnappers last 16 April 2013 at Sitio Malanday, Barangay Tabon, Angat, Bulacan.

The girl told police investigators that she and her younger sister were walking home when she noticed that they left something behind, so her sister left to get it, leaving her along the road.

While she was waiting for her sister to return, a man wearing a bonnet alighted from a white van and approached the girl. He then held her left arm and tried to persuade her into the van, claiming that he had a surprise gift inside.

Fortunately for the girl, she managed to get a look into the van and saw children hogtied inside.

Immediately sensing danger, she fought back against the man in the bonnet, and managed to free herself from the man. She then ran home screaming for help.

"Sobrang takot ko po talaga noon, akala ko po matatangay na ako noong lalaki,mabuti na lamang po at nabitawan niya ako kaya mabilis akong nagsisisigaw at tumakbo pauwi ng bahay," the girl said.

The parents of the girl are thankful that their daughter was able to escape from her potential kidnapper, saying that "Mula ngayon ay hindi na namin papayagan pang umalis ng ganun-ganun na lamang ang aming mga anak dahil delikado na talaga ang panahon ngayon."